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Based in Chertsey, Surrey we specialise in training for multi sports performance as well as health & body transformation. We are developing an exclusive and tight community of like minded, health driven individuals that are keen to take control of their health and, or their endurance sports performance. Tribal believe in empowering you to take responsibility for your own progression.

We guide your development so that your perception of every situation is dialled in allowing you to make great decisions regarding your health and performance transformation. You are supported both by live and online expert coaching, each member receives 2 hours of face-to-face contact time when their membership commences and qualifies for a heavily discounted coaching hour once each 4 weeks, each membership also opens access to Tribal Multi Sports Performance and The Tribal Plan, our two online programs that serve as both education and support of unlimited success with your chosen goals.

Facilities Include:

  • 4 x Watt Bikes (2 x pro, 2 x Trainer)
  • 2 x Matrix Treadmills
  • Endless Pool
    • 5 x HD Camera Feedback
    • Mirror Feedback
    • Underwater Treadmill for Deep Water Running
  • Strength & Conditioning Area
    • 2 x Rigs (Savage Strength)
    • 2 x Benches (Savage Strength)
    • Dumbells from 1kg-41kg (PowerBlock)
    • Barbells 10, 15, 20kg and Olympic Bumpers (Raze)
    • Hex Bar
    • 1 x Cable Station (Matrix)
    • Glute Ham Developer (Savage Strength)
    • Leg Curl (Savage Strength)
    • Kettlebells 12kg-32kg
    • Strength Bands (BullDog)
    • Stability Balls (AoK Max Ball)
    • Mobility Tools (TP Therapy)
    • 4 x Intrinity Boards (Matrix – Intrinity)
  • Studio
    • 3 x Pilates Reformers (Peak Pilates)
  • Recovery lounge
    • Compression Boots (Recovery Pump)
    • Meditation (Headspace)
  • Tribal Run Squad
    • Each Thursday at 1830.

Membership Includes:

  • Access to the gymnasium and changing facilities.
  • 2 hours of complimentary coaching.
    • Goal Setting and Season Planning
    • Movement Screening and Postural Analysis
    • Personal Mobility Prescription
    • Personal & Goal Specific Strength & Conditioning Prescription
  • £10 coaching our each 4-weeks of membership.
    • To progress your assessment & training prescription
    • Usual investment for this hour is a minimum of £65
  • Discounted access to The Tribal Plan.
    • Holistic Health & Body Composition Plan & Community
  • Discounted access to Tribal Multi Sports Performance.
    • Endurance Sports Resource & Community
  • Discounted access to all Tribal services and supplements.
  • Access to Tribal Run Squad.

Single Membership £75.00 pcm

Joint Membership £140.00 pcm

A tour of our facility can be arranged by appointment only, please contact us here to arrange your slot.

Opening Hours

Monday 0600-2100
Tuesday 0600-2100
Wednesday 0600-2100
Thursday 0600-2100
Friday 0600-1900
Saturday 0800-1300
Sunday 0800-1300


Become Tribal