Tribal Swim Squad

Tribal run a swim squad from River Bourne Health Club, Chertsey. You can gain access to Paul, head coach at Tribal in these 45 minute group sessions.

We focus on 80% skill development as we strongly believe that the key limiter in swimming is skill and efficiency.

The squad runs on Mondays at 2000 and 2045 and on Thursdays at 0635.

Single Session – £12

5-Pack – Non-Member £50, Member £45 (Expiration= 6 Weeks)

10-Pack – Non-Member £90, Member £80 (Expiration= 11 Weeks)

20-Pack – Non-Member £160, Member £140 (Expiration= 22 Weeks)

To register interest please click HERE and you’ll receive our 4-part article, presented by Glen and aiming to transform you to become a better, more efficient swimmer.