Essential Kit: Tribal Swim Squad

We have 3 kit essentials at the Tribal Swim Squad.

We hold the belief that minimal aids can really enhance your learning experience and intermediate and advanced swimmers can benefit from the change and break that using some kit can provide.

Finis Zoomers Gold: The short and stiff Zoomer is perfect for working on your ankle mobility. The zoomer certainly helps with propulsion but it keeps you honest and still having to focus upon the quality of your passive support and streamlining.

Finis Snorkel: The front snorkel allows beginners to focus on their stroke mechanics without the complication of working on breathe mechanics and breathe management. We also maintain the use of the snorkel for intermediate and advanced swimmers in the squad for extended swims and some skill work.

Finis Tempo Trainer: The tempo trainer is a metronome that helps with stroke timing and also an aid for pacing.

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