Tribal: Challenging 30 Years of Dietary Dogma

This passage is from Gary Taube’s, a leading activist against modern dietary dogma and taken from his book, Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It:

“Over the years, the calories-in/calories out paradigm of excess fat has proved to be remarkably resistant to any evidence to the contrary. Imagine a murder trial in which one credible witness after another takes the stand and testifies that the suspect was elsewhere at the time of the killing and so had an airtight alibi, and yet the jurors keep insisting that the defendant is guilty, because that’s what they believed when the trial began.”

It’s time to put 30+ years of dietary and lifestyle dogma to rest. A modern tragedy with ramifications that create way more despair than terrorism and more cost to the national health service than any other one factor.

  • There is way more to this process than diet and exercise alone.
  • Fat is healthy and you need to eat more of it.
  • You eat way too few vegetables and nutrient dense foods.
  • Calories and eating less should not be your concern.
  • Flogging your guts out in the cardio room is wasted effort.
  • The inclusion of processed non-foods is at the heart of our health epidemic.
  • Stop wishing the scales to go as low as possible… healthful hydration, bone density and muscle mass determine that low weight is as unhelpful as high weight.
  • Make your focus body composition rather than weight.

On the Tribal Plan, you will shed unwanted visceral and subcutaneous body fat and alleviate health complaints. Your key abdominal measurement will reduce, your blood pressure will normalise and the level of circulating sugar in your blood will reduce.

Within days you will feel more energetic and consistently practicing these principles over months will see you transforming your health, how you look and your confidence. Each year I have a number of individuals that embrace this lifestyle, in these individuals the change is profound.

So, what are your major concerns when boosting your energy, health and adjusting your body composition:

  • Calming Inflammation
  • Regulating Blood Sugar
  • Becoming a Fat Burning Machine
  • Boosting the Nutrient Value of your chosen foods
  • Appropriately Fuelling Your Chosen Activity
  • Moving Regularly and Healthfully
  • Improving your Sleep Routine
  • Learning to Recognise What Stress is Helpful and What is Unhelpful
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