Tribal Plan: Success Traits of Outstanding Transformations

Here’s 2 nailed on actions & traits that if you are prepared to master, leave you with all the tools you need to succeed. These are two common traits that we recognise in people that go on to experience massive change and success. Here we are:

Great Perception

Jumping into Tribal Life requires that you start to listen to the tip off’s your body is constantly presenting you with, raising your perception of what your body is communicating to you may be the greatest life enhancing skill you ever learn.

Get to the root: Our daily approach to hunches, symptoms and ailments rarely sees us linking these tip offs to their root cause, rather we reach for a masking agent, coffee for tiredness, paracetamol for a headache, alka seltzer for indigestion, alcohol to calm down, eventually we run the risk of becoming reliant on these masking agents to stay comfortable, however, they do nothing to deal with the root. Flipping our focus and raising our perception of what might be the initial cause of the symptom or ailment empowers us to make better decisions about our long term health, energy and body composition.

Personal Responsibility

This is a difficult one to swallow, but, when truly accepted, this trait will change your entire experience of life. Instead of finding barriers and limitations you will find solutions and opportunities. It means you have to take responsibility for EVERYTHING that happens to you, not other peoples stuff, just yours, both the situations that haven’t gone so well and the acceptance and celebration of the things that have gone brilliantly.

Life’s rich tapestry is dependent on both good and bad experiences and without experiencing this rollercoaster life is dull and void of personal growth…. We are the sum of our previous decisions and experiences, nobody else can affect the outcome of your next hour, your next day and your coming years, unless you decide to let them.

So, if its all about you. Where does Tribal fit in??

Everybody needs a guide. Through our experience of health transformation, we can be your coach and guide so that you can quickly understand the tip off’s that your body is giving you, find support to make positive change, celebrate your achievements and find support when things get tough.

YOU can do this…..

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