Welcoming Miha Bodytec: Full-Body EMS

We are excited to announce a new piece of kit at Tribal, Miha Bodytec.

What is Full-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training?

Full-body EMS training is a highly effective and time-efficient training method for increasing muscle strength and mass whilst boosting your metabolism. The Miha Bodytec system that has arrived at Tribal elicits muscle contraction using electrical impulses that directly stimulates motor neurons across 8 different sites in the body.

Before we discuss the benefits, let me set my stall out, Full-Body EMS is a tool, a great tool, but, its a tool. What I mean by that is that it isn’t the panacea to everything, this is a great time-efficient addition to your health & performance armoury.

Time Efficient: One 20 minute training session once a week is always conducted one-to-one with a qualified trainer who monitors the training delivery, progress and its success. Coupled with the appropriate lifestyle intervention, once a week is sufficient for reliably gaining strength and boosting your metabolism, with its effectiveness proven in numerous scientific studies. Your initial session is scheduled for a 45 -minute block, each session thereafter is 30 minutes total.

Easy on Joints: The actual movement needed during the session is minimal, EMS circumvents your brain, allowing for deep, intense, and complete muscle contractions without taxing your Central Nervous System (CNS) or your joints and tendons. The movement we take is a blend of isometrics (held contractions), controlled dynamics and sports-specific movements.


What are the sensations?: EMS can be best described as a pulsating sensation in different parts of your body. It’s not uncomfortable, and can be turned up or down in intensity to suit your endurance threshold and training needs.

Benefits of EMS to Body Composition and Health:

Strength is the cornerstone of youth and health. Enhancing your metabolic health and changing your body composition is about becoming more active metabolically through maintaining and increasing your lean mass, calming inflammation and stabilising hormones. The positive effect that one session a week of 20-30 minutes of full-body EMS is massive.

Studies have shown that men using EMS have seen an increase in the size of upper arms, chest, back, shoulders and thighs, beyond the results typically achieved with classic training methods. However, women using EMS see no difference in muscle size, despite significant increases in strength they can achieve using EMS, completely negating any fears that women using EMS will “bulk up”.

Benefits of EMS to the Endurance Athlete:

At Tribal we believe that all endurance athletes should be strength training week in, week out, yet, we understand that we are all busy, with often the first session deleted from the week being your strength sessions, its a harder association to recognise, that spending time on your muscular system is going to significantly impact your performance as much as swimming, biking and running, but, time and time again within our community, the athletes that are progressing consistently are those who are diligent about their self-care and strength training.

The time-saved by incorporating Tribal EMS workouts can be significant – creating performance improvements in just 20 to 30 minutes of whole-body EMS training that you’d struggle to achieve in an hour of conventional training. For instance, studies show that there can be an increase of between 8% and 9% for maximum strength after just four EMS training sessions.

Consider that, 10% more strength is a deal breaker when it comes to the last push of your event, are you going to hold onto your form and your speed or not?

In professional sports men and women, the positive effects of EMS training compared to conventional strength training were marked. Whole body EMS increased the maximum performance of athletes by up to 30% in sport studies and the long-term effects were also impressive with increases in speed recorded up to three weeks after the last EMS training session.

Our commitment to you:

When you book your first session (info@go-tribal.co.uk), one of our expert EMS personal trainers will be assigned to you. Their first job will be to get to know you and understand your needs and fitness goals. Using this information, they will profile at the right EMS training level for you that will evolve with you as your training progresses. You’ll be monitored during each personal training session to ensure you’re always on track to meet your goals and the intensity is relevant to you.

To make a booking email: info@go-tribal.co.uk

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